Aromatherapy | This is the practice of using your sense of smell to unlock and open life force that will assist in the relaxation process and assist in improving your general well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage | A work down on muscle that is located below the superficial layers in the body.  When adhesion occurs within muscles, other muscles can be overworked or function incorrectly. This may lead to soreness and within the specific area worked on. 

Energy Work | Your body has a life force that creates positive energy. The flow of this energy is directly related to the flow of blood throughout the body and can be restricted by adhesions in the muscles fibers. Energy Work promotes the flow of positive energy by removing adhesions from the hand and feet, which are the gateways for energy to enter the body.

Hot Stones | Hot Stones are rocks created from lava that can maintain and release temperatures for long periods of time. The heat will help to warm up tight muscles and allow for a more soothing massage.

Myofasical Release | An effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the connective muscle tissue to eliminate restrictions and restore flow.

Swedish | A treatment designed to relax and promote the flow of blood and positive energy through the body, with a focus only on the most superficial layers of the muscles.

Technical Work | This is a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue in a specified area of need determine from the assessment of pain and discomfort combine with the palpation of the muscle during the treatment. The work will restore better functionality and range of motion for the body and muscles.